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The original forecast for Saturday was rain all day.  On Saturday morning the forecast had been updated.  It was supposed to be cloudy and overcast.  I’m not exactly sure at what time the clouds burst, but I seem to think it was about six.  There was no point in going back to the car to get a weather proof jacket. I was already trenched. Luckily I had a ‘Weather Resistant’ camera and lens.  It certainly got put to the test and performed brilliantly – and still does.  Whenever a camera gets wet, the best thing to do is do nothing.  Once it’s inside out of the rain, extend the lens, if it’s a zoom, and then take a paper towel and remove any excess water.  Don’t start removing filters or removing lenses.  Just let it dry by itself.  Now I was fortunate because this particular camera has weather seals but even so, I let it dry naturally. Personally I like shooting in the rain and at night.  While I continued to shoot, I never saw one person with a camera, nor the ‘media’ photographer I saw earlier when things were nice and dry.  When it’s wet, there are some interesting reflections, and at night, there are lights – lots of lights. These images were taken on Saturday afternoon and evening on September 12 at the 2015 Supercrawl on James Street North.