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I’m a big fan of mirrorless cameras. In an earlier article (The future of the Camera) I mentioned that the whole concept of a mirror flapping up and down is starting to feel clumsy. I also mentioned that things don’t necessarily go away by themselves – they are encouraged to go away when something better comes along. Today, ‘mirrorless’ cameras are starting to make more sense.

I now own two mirrorless cameras – a Panasonic G3 and a Fuji X-Pro1 – and I love them.  A third one – a Fuji X-T1 – is not far away.  It won’t be long before a mirrorless camera will compete with my Canon 1D3 when it comes to sports photography. A Canon 1DX is capable of 15 fps yet my little G3 can do 20 fps. Once the mirrorless cameras can focus as fast as the current DSLRs, then it will be a real game changer.

Here is a link to a very candid interview by DP REVEIW with Toshihisa Iida, Senior Manager Sales & Marketing at Fujifilm’s Optical Device & Electronic Imaging products division.