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Digital cameras are so popular these days it seems everyone has one, even if it is part of their cell phone, so why do you need a wedding photographer since everyone will be taking pictures? A wedding is a special event and it’s entirely up to you how you wish to remember it. If a collection of photos from your guests works for you, then great – there is nothing wrong with that. The only problem you may encounter is getting those pictures sent to you. However, assuming you have them all assembled – what are you going to do with them? You could go online to any number of online services and either create an online photo album for all your friends to see, or, if you are feeling creative, use an online service to create your own photo book. Here are a couple of things to consider –

  • Not everyone is comfortable taking pictures of people they don’t know and not everyone knows how to get a group of people together for more formal wedding pictures, consequently, these pictures may never be taken.
  • Once the wedding over, it can’t be recreated a week or so later so as to take the pictures that we’re not taken at the wedding. Having said that – getting everyone to look at the camera at the same time can be a bit of a challenge.

In the picture above, not everyone was looking up and it took several attempts, and eventually, I did get the group shot with everyone looking up at me.  It all comes down to this – only an experienced professional wedding photographer will know where to be at the right time to capture those once in a lifetime moments. Have fun!